The EMD is more than interesting for RTI-management professionals. Like; logistic managers, supply chain managers, CFO’s and CEO’s. And of course it is also available for those who are just curious to the RTI-management trends, solutions and best practices.

That’s why you visit the EMD:

You will visit the EMD for: Inspiring sessions with experts and co-hosts, presentations of best practises, product demonstrations and an independent, innovative and informative program. Access to a new network, tips and tricks about RTI-management related matters. Action points to take home and of course network drinks.


Learn to know each other within two minutes. Exchange minds about theorem’s and be inspired by the dynamic’s and plenary feedback.


Be part of the power sessions. Within these sessions. Speakers have to be come to the point really quickly to keep the audience stimulated.

Give and take:

Come and develop your network. Exchange minds. Learn how your colleagues from other companies solve similar matters. How do they manage, how do they act. Learn that on the EMD.

Keep up-to-date: