Grip on RTI-management

With our Y-CS tool. You are gaining optimal control over your RTI’s. The Y-CS tool gives our customers insight in their RTI management. With the best poolsize/cost balance. We change the parameters of Poolsize, Pool costs and cycletime. By doing that, different scenarios are created. This supports you in the best strategic decision making.

Answer to your RTI matters:

Is it possible to still be active with 10% less RTI’s? And what happens to the behaviour of the RTI’s when the company starts with delivering within other countries? Which contract forms are fitting the best to my companies situation? And what happens when the RTI’s cycletime is increasing rapidly? Or don’t come back at all from a big shipment. This and many more matters can be answered by our tool. Curious? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The way we work:

We work as a team with(-in) your company. We easily fit into your company’s culture. We like personal contact. You will experience that during the complete project. We always start with a ‘get to know each other’ meeting. Because we really want to learn how your company works. We make a scan/blueprint of the processes, and completely inform you about possibilities and available tools. And fit the best solution into your process and company.

Should we meet?

appointment.Eager to gain more control on your RTI’s? Do you want to professionalize your RTI management further? Don’t hesitate and make an appointment. Of course this appointment is without any obligations. We are really curious to your company, processes, people en current RTI matters.

The best poolsize:

A pool that contains too much RTI’s, comes with a lot of unnecessary costs. But shortness is nog good for you and your customers. We will advise you the best poolsize. A poolsize that fit’s the needs and properties of your company and clients.

The best cycletime:

What happens to the availability of the RTI’s when the cycletime fluctuates? We will show you exactly what the impact is of a increasing off decreasing cycletime.

An overview over the RTI costs:

After all the cost price matters. And the RTI part should not be too high. So we calculated the operational situation to business cases. Clear and effective. So you are ready to take the right decision.

Let’s talk and make an appointment.